Service MU Unit Fee1 (USD) External Unit Fee (USD) Unit Description
RNA-Seq 259.60 324.50 sample-replicate
HTS mapping to reference genome 194.70 243.38 sample
96 Sample Amplicon (12S/16S) Analysis (Qiime) 242.53 317.60 up to 96 samples, prorated above 96 samples
Eukaryotic Transcriptome Assembly & Annotation2 1,610.70 2,013.38
Basic spatial transcriptomic “spaceranger” processing2 216.82 271.03
Custom Software Installation 259.60 324.50 job
Pipeline development 61.95 81.13 hour
Send external hard drive containing data from the DNA Core Facility 150.00 187.50 hard drive
Ad-hoc hourly rate 61.95 81.13 hour
  1. Prices reflect the 20% discount given to University of Missouri (MU) clients with a “MoCode”.
  2. Prices for these services will drop (or become a flat fee instead of hourly) after we establish a pipeline for it. We gladly welcome “pipeline-development” sponsors.

Please feel free to contact the IRCF (ircf at missouri dot edu) to discuss these or other possible services not listed.