We recognize that access to sufficient compute resources and informatics expertise is often the rate-limiting step in the type of computationally-intense, translational science required for successfully funded proposals due to the cost, time, and complexity of the analyses and tools involved. Our team of experts have decades of expertise in developing and implementing best-practices methods in a wide variety of areas of informatics and computational research. We will be happy to work with you to cover those needs and provide a letter support to help make sure your target funding organization recognizes that you have given proper consideration to these challenges. To request a letter of support, please contact the core or core director via email including the following information.

  1. Name of the PI
  2. Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Funding Agency
  5. Title of the Proposal
  6. Brief summary of the proposal

However, we strongly encourage you to reach out and have a more brief meeting to discuss your project in-depth as we can’t guarantee outcomes of our support if we are not consulted prior to the submission of your proposal.