RNASeq & Transcriptomics

Whether you are looking to scale-up your DEG analysis to new levels, or just looking for a little help exploring this widely used application of RNA-seq data analysis. We can help with everything from experimental design to interpretation.

Single Cell & Single Nucleus

By analyzing the transcriptome of individual cells, you can overcome many of the challenges of heterogeneity that exist within populations of cells or tissues. SC or SN work allows you a comprehensive understanding of key changes within individual cells, providing deep insight into changes occurring between conditions. We can help you leverage these growing technologies, and make sense of the deluge of noisy data that come with these types of analyses.

Visium Spatial Gene Expression

Spatial transcriptomics is just the right approach to study gene expression inside diverse cell populations like the brain or small brain regions, allowing you to connect your raw data with biological architecture. In collaboration with the Genomic Technology and Advanced Light Microscopy Cores we can help take your study to the very cutting edge.


Whether you are looking to do simple variant calling, a genome assembly, or to identify causal variants of disease, we can help. We can work with all types and sizes of data from Illumina to HiFi and everything in between. We have best-practices workflows developed to produce rigorous and easily replicated results you can trust. Want to run only a handful or samples? No problem. Have big dreams and want to work at scale with hundreds of even thousands of samples? We can do that too with workflows optimized to leverage 1000s of cores on HPC and cloud systems, or step it up and notch and ask about our GPU accelerated workflows for precision help approaches.


From gut to soil microbiomes, we can help you make sense of the diversity that exists in your samples, and help classify them using contemporary best-practices techniques.

Pipeline Development

Data scale today often means analyses become unwieldy or even impossible to run in a serial fashion on local hardware. Building large-scale workflows and pipelines to automate analyses is critical to accomplishing research at scale. The challenge of this is these methods require a deep understanding of HPC hardware, cloud Systems, and software engineering to build in a robust, best-practices, and sound way. Let us take that heavy lifting off your team, and build out the workflows your team needs. Even better, we likely already have something built that would work for you!

Data Management

Data scale and scope is growing by leaps and bounds in all fields of study. Life science data is one of the fastest growing sources of data in the world. Organizing, storing, maintaining and retrieving the necessary data is becoming a critical part of research infrastructure. If you are overwhelmed with the size of complexity of your data, we can help!

Statistical Analyses

Whether frequentist or Bayesian, we can help your team figure out the right statistical approach to take for your study system. Let us help ensure you have enough power and help you find the signal hidden among the noise of your data.

Machine Learning

One of the hottest growing trends in all research today, machine learning (ML) is an algorithm or network that can become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so. Whether you are looking to build a regression problem, decision tree, or neural network, we can help.

Dashboard Development

Data is only as good as its interpretation. The scale of data today means simply looking at your data is often not enough. Exploration of data sets is now a critical part of gaining actionable insight from data, and there is no better way to do that than dynamic visualization. Dashboards offer interactive ways to explore and visualize complex datasets and are one of our many data science tools in our toolbox we can offer your team.

Training & Support

We offer hands-on workshops on common and advanced bioinformatics methods at various times through the year. Our team would also be happy to schedule one-on-one sessions with members of your lab, or to do smaller training sessions for lab groups or departments. Contact us for more information.